The Black Bay beach in Grenada. Photo: Supplied.

Somewhere in South America lies the island nation of Grenada,that is arguably one of the Caribbean's fascinating country. It is one of the homes for the black sand beaches that are synonymous with the Caribbean.

It’s small Island that is located in the eastern Caribbean, south of the Windward Islands and 160km north of Venezuela. Average temperatures on the island range between 24 degrees to 30 degrees with some cold air. It’s lowest temperatures happen between November and February, even though the country is generally warm all year round.

Accepted currencies used in the country include the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC). The american US dollar is also used in the country. One US dollar is worth EC$2.67.

The country’s official language is English, but local also speak French-African Patois. The time zone of the country is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone (AST).  It is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) and four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Some other interesting facts about Grenada:

-It is one of the Caribbean countries that have Black sand beaches. While it’s unclear what causes the Black sand, but one of the forefront explanations is the volcanic action in the vicinity of the beach.

-Grenada is also one of the first countries in the world to have a functional underwater sculpture park. The artists responsible for most of the art are Jason deCaires Taylor, a European-Asian artist that specialises in sculpture and ceramics and Troy Lewis who is considered the second most prolific contributor to the park. Lewis has done several works for the park including ‘Sienna’, Çhrist of the Deep’ and most recently ‘The Cyclist’.

- It is a ready made tourist destination, with a variety of attractions for tourists to enjoy such as Fort George. The fort is considered the most important historical structure in St. George’s for its part in all the political and military changes. Revelers can also visit the Grenada national museum to get a better idea of the country’s history.

When will you take your visit to Grenada?