The Midlands Kitchen is the ideal foodie destination for travellers.  Located on the N3 highway, at the turn off for Nottingham Road (Exit 132, Windmills Ultra Stop), the Midlands Kitchen is great for anyone who loves an array of different tastes without having to compromise quality and time.

The staff at The Midlands Kitchen.

There are  15 different kitchens that includes Mexican, Mediterranean, burgers, gourmet pies, Indian, vegan, an artisan bakery, a harvest table, wood fire pizzas and a soon to be launched gelato and juice bar.

I arrived just after breakfast, building an appetite for all the food on offer.  Greeting me at the door was Itai and Sam, two of the managers.

They immediately showed me around the kitchen. Judging by the number of occupied seats, it is quite popular among travellers and locals. I was told by Itai that a carefully selected menu featuring 8 different items per a kitchen was created to bring fresh, tasty artisan food, while allowing for quick and easy meals for those travelling on the N3.

Chef Sandile Zondi showed me how to make a quesadilla, using only the freshest ingredients. At around R45 for a vegetarian variety it was well worth its price.

Chef Sandile Zondi showed me how to make a quesadilla.

I also had a salmon pizza filled with feta, caramelised onion, avocado and cheese. The flavours were out of this world.

I also loved the iced coffee. Their take on it beats the ones I usually have. Midlands Kitchen has already created about 100 jobs, skilling the community as waiters, chefs and manager to host travellers from across the world .

One of the visionaries of the kitchen, Gill Bowmaker, believes that apart from creating an authentic food destination, they also wanted to uplift people from communities within the area.  

A family enjoying their breakfast.

“The Midlands Kitchen can be summed up as simple. The idea is to create an artisan eating experience based around really good food, using high quality ingredients in dishes that are produced with speed.

“There are a lot of great choices meaning that people can back to sample other offerings,” she said.

The Midlands Kitchen is open from 6am to 4pm daily, with the added benefit of the Grab and Go section until 8pm. The dining area seats about 400 people, including space for 120 in an area served by waitrons.

Bowker said most of the product will be sourced locally, including grass-fed cattle, organically raised poultry, milk from a local dairy, cheese from a neighborhood cheesery. Despite being back a few days ago, I cannot wait to visit Midlands Kitchen. I really want to try their gelato.

Fresh bread is prepared on site.
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