December holidays are almost upon us. Have you booked yours? Here is a pick of Aspen.

If you are like me who plans your holiday months in advance then you would know that it always pays off. 

December is just 4 months away and it is during this time that families want to get away and spend quality time with each other. 

Ben Pugh-Jones, who is one of the organisers of Travel Festival in Umhlanga on August 16, said booking December breaks in advance saves families money and ensures that their seats are reserved as these places are often sold out come October.  

The Travel Festival was the idea of  Janine Pugh-Jones, the managing director of Travel Inc for Durbanites to find the ultimate holiday destination. 

“The festival will bring in specialists from different travel agencies, from cruiseliners to accommodation venues, who will share some holiday destinations with visitors that will allow them the chance to choose one best for them. 

“VR headsets will also available that will give a glimpse of some of the destinations,” he said. 

If you are considering travel in December, Pugh-Jones suggests that people look at Asia, Europe, Bahamas and Aspen. 

“These are some of the places love going to because there is great weather, lots of activities and amazing people,” he said. 

If you are interested in attending The Travel Festival, it will be held at the Umhlanga Centre at 189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga, from 10am to 6pm.