Boost your SAA Voyager credit card rewards with Nedbank

Nedbank launched the SAA Voyager credit card in collaboration with SAA as a dedicated solution for people who like to travel often.

Nedbank launched the SAA Voyager credit card in collaboration with SAA as a dedicated solution for people who like to travel often.

Published Dec 6, 2022


For more than 15 years, the South African Airways (SAA) Voyager credit card has enabled savvy money spenders and avid travellers to earn great rewards – simply by using their card when spending.

Nedbank launched the SAA Voyager credit card in collaboration with SAA as a dedicated solution for people who like to travel often. You can unlock exceptional rewards with your SAA Voyager Gold or SAA Voyager Premium credit card. And now, new benefits have been added to the SAA Voyager Credit or Cheque Card at no additional cost.

Your SAA Voyager credit card can be used for everyday eligible purchases – from food to flights and so much more to earn Voyager miles, while also getting you closer to your companion ticket. Premium cardholders enjoy preferential debit interest rates on purchases.

You can spend your miles on flights to more than 193 countries with SAA and 26 Star Alliance Airline partners, upgrades awards, car hire, Uber, Wine-of-the-Month Club, NetFlorist and more. You also get to enjoy premium check-in, get one additional piece of luggage and unlimited access to SAA-owned departure lounges.

Eligible spend includes local and international purchases and excludes cash withdrawals, casino chip and travellers cheque purchases foreign exchange purchases, fees, fuel purchases, internet transfers or payments and finance charges.

Extend or donate your companion ticket

“Over the years, we’ve refined the solution to offer clients companion tickets when meeting certain spend thresholds for travel, and more recently we enabled clients to donate their companion tickets. If they buy an SAA ticket on their card for family and friends, clients can donate their companion ticket so that they can travel with their partner,” says Thabo Monkhe, Nedbank’s head of retail trading.

Current global companion tickets have been extended by 12 months. You can also exchange your global companion ticket for two domestic companion tickets.

Companion tickets earned between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 have been extended for an additional year – and thus have a two-year validity period.

Companion tickets that expired on March 31, 2022 will be extended until 31 March 31, 2023.

Dual cards mean you can earn Voyager miles faster on Amex

The SAA Voyager credit card account is a dual card product: you are issued with both a Mastercard and American Express™ (Amex) Credit Card issued by Nedbank. An additional Amex Card is issued to provide additional value of accelerated earnings when used for purchases. Monkhe explains how this enhances your travel possibilities: “Nedbank is the only bank in South Africa that enables you to access Amex cards. With the SAA Voyager credit card, the Amex card enables you to earn unlimited Voyager miles faster – at nearly double the rate you’d earn miles if you swiped your Mastercard.”

Amex is accepted by a variety of retailers locally and internationally, including SAA, and most Nedbank card machines at local retailers will accept your Amex card for payments.

While you earn Voyager miles no matter which SAA Voyager credit card you prefer to use, you will unlock those sought-after flights much sooner by transacting with your Amex card.

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Key benefits of having an SAA Voyager credit card

* Bonus miles

* Early access

“You also gain access to special offers for SAA and Star Alliance flights 24 hours before these deals are released to the general public,” Monkhe says. “SAA runs frequent promotional discount offers where seats are made available for SAA Voyager credit card holders to redeem their miles at almost 90% discount on the miles required for the ticket.” These promotional offers are known as Voyager SaverBlitz and Voyager JourneyBlitz.

* Travel insurance

* Companion tickets

* Pack more

“We’ve also bolstered our luggage offerings - enabling SAA Voyager credit card holders to carry one extra piece of luggage on all SAA operated flights, so you don’t have to leave your favourite travel gear at home,” Monkhe concludes.

Learn more about Nedbank’s SAA Voyager and American Express™ Credit Card accounts here.