Flying is fun, but there are some passengers that do not follow the rules. Clinton Moodley shares some tips to be the best flyer.

The thing about flights, especially long ones, is that you need to have passengers follow basic rules so that the experience can be pleasant for everyone. While it's your right to do as you please because you a paying customer, following  an etiquette is a requirement. Here are my top 8 passenger rules everyone should follow:

Do as you told at security

One day while flying a domestic flight, I ended up almost missing my flight  because the passenger in front of me did not follow the instructions of the security personnel. First the detectors spotted his belt, the next his cellphone and the list continued. All you have to do is place all your items on the tray so that passengers can get by swiftly. Do not argue, just do as you are told.

Reclining seats

I was on a flight to Dubai and it was the most uncomfortable one. The passenger in front of me  reclined her seat making it hard for me to sit straight or see the LCD screen. I ended up asking the flight attendant to tell the passenger to pull her seat forward, which she obliged. Passengers should ask the people behind them whether it is fine to recline their seat and allow them to tell you how much to adjust. While we know that recline seats are the benefits of a flight, respecting the person behind you is equally important.

No one wants to hear your calls and conversations

I cannot stand loud people on the plane. Sadly, there is at least one person who ends up speaking loud to a point where we hear his entire conversation. On my last flight from Cape Town, there were three drunk men who were talking loudly, not following instructions by cabin crew and laughing so loud that they woke people up from their sleep. Talk as much as you like, but also be moderate in your tone. No one wants to hear your drama.

Do not hog the overhead compartments

Some passengers bring more bags than they should and take up all the space in the compartments. Remember that there are three passengers that share one compartment so be a bit compassionate. If you have more than one bag, leave the other under your seat to accommodate others.

Be pleasant to cabin crew

I have seen people scream at, humiliate and belittle cabin crew. As a passenger be polite to cabin crew, say please and thank you. If you have a bad encounter or face a rude cabin crew member then you should lodge a complaint with the management of the airline rather than causing a scene.

Middle seats get the arm rests

We all feel sorry for those people who get the middle seat, but did you know that the arm rests in the middle are theirs. So next time you on a flight, do not hog the armrests. The aisle seat gets the outer arm rest while the window seat gets one closest to the window.

Body odour a no-no

Always make sure you are fresh before you board a plane. There are people with severe body odours that can be unbearable for other passengers.

Board and depart flights in a civilised manner

We get you are excited to get out on and off a plane, but there are processes to follow. I despise the people who push passengers and do not practice basic manners.

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