Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
 One of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe, Croatia's Plitvice Lakes are a sight to behold. The Plitvice Lakes are situated in the breathtaking mountainous karst area of central Croatia and border Bosnia and Herzegovina. They extend over an area of nearly 300 square kilometres.

Arranged in small waterfalls flowing down several slopes, 16 lakes (which are the result of the confluence of several small rivers)  can be seen from the surface. 

These lakes are formed by runoff from the mountains  which makes for spectacularly gorgeous upper and lower clusters.  With such views, it's no wonder more than 1 million people are believed to visit each year. 

These lakes even change between the colours of green, grey and blue, depending on the unique mix of minerals and how they interact with the sunlight at any given time. It's no wonder they're so gorgeous.