Planning a head means less stress for your resort vacation. Picture: YouTube.

Resort vacations are fun. There is something about the sun, the sea and the sand that gets me all giddy with excitement. The problem with resort vacations is that people often end up making terrible mistakes that leaves them feeling overwhelmed when faced with a problem on a trip. Here are some handy tips:

Planning the trip

Check weather at your destination

It's fun to explore Seychelles and the Maldives, but going there during their rainy season is some what an epic fail. Besides no one wants to stay in a hotel room the entire day when you in such a gorgeous place.

Shop around for the best price

Once you figure out which destination you have selected, it's time to look at the packages on offer. Shop around, you will be surprised at just how many specials are out there if only you take the time to look.

Make sure all travel documents are ready a month before your trip:

Always have the necessary travel documents ready a month before you venture on your trip. Tearing the house apart looking for your passport hours before your flight should not even be an option.


Pack for all seasons

People expect sunshine and lots of vitamin sea when they book a resort vacation, but that is never always the plan. Sometimes there will be unexpected rain or cold nights that will require warmer clothing. Pack at least one warm item even if you have to rid yourself of that swimsuit/shorts.

Pack light:

Going on a resort vacation means that it's going to be early mornings watching the sun rise and lazy afternoons by the pool. If you do not have planned itineraries, you do not need many items of clothing. Here are some suggestions:

Men (estimate staying time: 1 week):

3 or 4 pairs of shorts, 5 t-shirts, running shoes, sunglasses, comfortable flip flops, a hat, something formal for evening dinners, at least 3 swimming shorts, something warm, sunblock.  

Women (estimate staying time: 1 week)

4-5 dresses, 3 pairs of shorts, t-shirts, running shoes, sunglasses, comfortable flip flops, a hat, 2-3 swimsuits and cover ups, pair of sandals, sunblock.

Note this is just a suggestion, you can decide how much you take and what according to the duration of your stay.

At the resort:

Take part of the activities:

There are so much offerings either at the resort or nearby that people can take part in to make it a memorable trip.

Try something new

While the trip is meant to be relaxing, do something out of the norm. Besides travelling to a new place is the best time for you to get of your comfort zone and enjoy the holiday.

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