The Magic Mountain Huilo Huilo Reserve in Chile. Photo:

Visitors who have been to the hotel have spoken of how the environment is a peaceful one, with equally beautiful surrounds. The Magic Mountain Hotel, which is situated in the reserve, gives visitors access to 60 000 hectares of the Valdivian forest, which has natural hot springs, unexplored lakes and direct access to the Mocho Choshuenco volcano. 

The hotel itself is shaped like a volcano and has water spewing from its 'crater'. It is covered in thick green moss and  Chilean forest flora. It is located in the Valdivia, a province of Chile, located 800 km south of Santiago in one of Patagonia’s wild corners.

To access the building, visitors cross a hanging wooden bridge...with views of the sprawling forest floor beneath them. 

The rooms themselves are decorated with different kinds of wood for the cupboards, the bed frames, bedside tables and other items in the rooms. Soft hues of brown, orange and green are the additional colours that decorate the rooms. The rooms have full electricity and water, plus most of them have en-suite bathrooms. 

There are plenty of activities that visitors can get up to in the forest and it's surrounds such as mini-golf, horseback riding, river rafting and hiking suitable for people with different difficulty levels. There is also a Hulio-Hulio Watterfall where the world's smallest deer can be found. 

A magical destination even if we have to say so ourselves!