(L-R) Sweet Willy and Toby. Photo:dogbarkinn .com

Based in Idaho, North America, the hotel takes the concept of ''man's best friend'' further than ever. It is shaped in the form of a large dog, a beagle that stands at 9 meters tall. Next to it, is another section of the hotel also built in the shape of a smaller beagle and it stands at 3 meters. 

Both were built by married chainsaw artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. 

The hotel was built in 1997 and funded through sales of miniature dogs. The hotel is pet friendly and takes up to four guests at a time in rooms that are dog inspired.Speaking to the BBC, Conklin said  they picked this specific design  because there are no horror stories about it. It was also the first design that Sullivan started carving almost 28 years ago. That particular design still remains the most popular. 

 In 2012, the hotel reached it 10th year anniversary. Sweet Willy and Toby as the large beagles are known are open from April 1 to October 31 as a guesthouse. It does however function throughout the year. Guests gain access to the hotel through the beagle's body. This is located at a private second story deck. Upon arrival, biscuits given to the patrons. They are in the shape of dog bones.

A video by best travel destinations of the hotel. Video: Youtube 

 The construction of the hotel took the couple three years to be completed.