The iftar meals supplied to Emirates passengers.

If you are travelling on Emirates for the month of Ramadan, also known as Ramazan, you will be pleased to know that the airline has commenced with its signature menu during the holy month. A service it has provided for the past two decades.

From dawn to sunset, Muslims abstain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking, among observing several other Ramadan rules.

For imsak, the start of the fast and iftar, which is when they break fast, Emirates has put together a menu in keeping with their nutritional requirements. The meals are served in boxes that have been redesigned by local homeware specialists, Silsal Design House.

Given the time difference when flying through different continents, Emirates has a tool that calculates the exact Ramadan timings using the aircraft’s longitude, latitude and altitude; ensuring the greatest level of accuracy possible for its passengers observing the fast.



An appetising mix of couscous salad and grilled chicken or moudardara and roasted chicken, sandwiches, spinach fatayer or tomato and onion fatayer, assorted sweets, dates, laban and water.



Every passenger traveling on all cabin classes and on select Emirates flights that coincide with the iftar times. This includes flights to and from the Gulf region as well as to Umrah, Jeddah and Medina.

Please note: during the holy month, cold meals will be served in lieu of a hot one on all flights to Jeddah and Medina. And the menu will be refreshed mid-Ramadan.



There are date boxes, which is symbolic of Ramadan, and water provided at the boarding gates at Terminal 3 allowing passengers to break their fast ahead of boarding. They are also designated prayer rooms at the airport serving Arabic coffee, dates and sweets.

The offerings of what you can get at the Dubai lounge area.



The airlines ice system includes special religious programming: A’aelat Ramadan Kareem, Fa Esalo ahil il thekir and Al Baqeyat Al Salehat. There’s also Ramadan entertainment such as Bou Tbei, As-hab Al Hemam and Hayat Thaneya.



In an unprecedented movie, Emirates is extending its special service to celebrate Eid with passengers on board.

From June 14 to 17 customers can look forward to sweet treats on select flights.

In Economy Class, customers will be served Eid cookies, while the First and Business Class travellers will receive a box of chocolates. In addition, First Class customers can enjoy a special Eid edition of the Lakrids candy. Lakrids Crispy Rose flavoured liquorice will be offered on all regions during Ramadan and Eid.

Those looking to do some shopping in time for Eid can enjoy a 20% discount for onboard duty free purchases over US $95 from June  11 to 15.


DO NOTE: With Emirates being a global airline, the airline caters for all its passengers. So when events like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Diwali, roll around, they are celebrated too. The cuisine is inspired by the region and is in keeping with the religious/ cultural dietary requirements.