Reggie Khumalo with his trusted mootorised steed. Photo: Supplied

South African Reggie Khumalo will ride his motorcycle through Africa in support of young artists and art students.
Reggie will travel through 14 countries, from Cape Town to Casablanca in Morocco, covering more than 18 000km in 20 weeks.

The Ride and Artist Within initiative is a journey to raise funds to support young, up-and-coming artists in Africa. We speak to him about the initiative.
Tell us about the Ride and Artist Within initiative. It’s an epic journey across picturesque Africa in the hope of raising funds to support young and up-and-coming artists. The funds will cover tertiary education fees for deserving art students in need. We will do this in a creative and exciting way, through an adventure. This initiative aims to empower and promote African art. It will be nothing like anything ever seen before.

What is the motivation behind it?

As an artist, * chose to support art students out of my love for the arts. My motivation is mainly to be a solution to issues raised in the FeesMustFall initiative. I feel every person can play a part in aiding with fees for previously disadvantaged students who would like to get a tertiary education but find the fees unaffordable.

How will it work, in terms of raising funds?
I will collaborate with an up-and-coming artist in every country that I visit.
We will then create a painting depicting how we view the country, and how they view the country.
The paintings will be auctioned off at an exhibition on my return.

Who will you be travelling with?

My cameraman, who will capture the whole journey on video and photos.

Why specifically this route on the map?
To be honest, it’s slightly safer and I ’d like to learn about the different cultures in those countries.

Who are the artists you’ll be collaborating with along the way?

We plan to look for them as we get into every country.

What obstacles are you likely to encounter on this journey?
I  guess there are going to be dangers from all angles, from road accidents, wild animals, thieves, wars, health. The dangers are endless.

What are you most looking forward to on the journey?
To see the beauty of Africa and experience the different cultures.

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