The open roads lie ahead of you in your roadtrip. What are some of your rules? Photo: Flickr
If you're going to be stuck in a car with a person or people for a longish period of time, perhaps the time has come for us to set some rules. Call it road trip etiquette. That way, the trip will be pleasant for all those riding in that vehicle. Here are are a few things to remember:

1. Navigation is everyone's duty. Except the driver. 

If it so happens we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation where we're unsure whether to take the first off ramp or the next one, the duties of navigation cannot be relegated to the person riding shotgun exclusively. What happens if said individual is not very techno savvy? So it would be best if the fate of the occupants of the vehicle  is not left to just one person.

Tip: It would be best to have a navigation system that's attached to the vehicle. Yes, one of those nifty little navigators.  And work out the route before you head out. That way you'll be able to plan your trip accurately. 

2. Air conditioning must not be used as an instrument of torture

Now sometimes, especially in summer riding in a vehicle for long periods can result in a bit of stuffiness in the vehicle. Which is when it would be ideal to get some of that auto-air flowing through the vents. But in the same breath, once it gets cooler, it's only polite to have a discussion with the vehicle's occupants to determine if all are still okay with the air-con. If not, switch it off. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a car with someone who has now developed an an illness-that could have been totally avoided. 

3. The shotgun person and the music selection debate

Often, the vehicle's occupants will have a person who has elected to ride shotgun. This should not be used as a way to gain monopoly over the car's music selection. The driver and any other one of the vehicle's occupants have the right to veto any music choices. So the best way to avoid any looming conflict is to consult others on what they'd like to hear, and work out how long each occupant's music choice will play for.

Tip: If all else fails, stick to playing the radio. 

4. Regular breaks are a must 

Bathroom breaks are a necessity. They also serve a dual purpose; they allow for there to be swaps between drivers. And if there's one unfortunate driver, then that person is given the opportunity to take regular breaks. Say every four hours if it's a twelve hour trip? That should be enough, unless someone suffers from a weak bladder. 

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