Garden Route National Park will launch 4x4 trail excursions that will access certain areas in the national park not normally open to the public

Adventure lovers can look forward to the launch of an exclusive 4x4 “Forest Experience” route through the Wilderness section of the SANParks Garden Route National Park next month.

SANParks Honorary Rangers Wilderness Region and the SANParks staff of the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park have organised the 4x4 trail excursions  that will access certain areas in the national park not normally open to the public. The routes feature indigenous forests, fynbos and stunning mountain vistas. The event takes place on September 23 and 24, 2017.


Access to the 4x4 Exhibition - to be held at the Wilderness Common, the starting area of the 4x4 excursion - is open to the public. Participation in the routes is strictly controlled and each route excursion is restricted in the number of vehicles which can participate. A trained Honorary Ranger guide will accompany the vehicles during the excursion.


SANParks hopes to turn this event into an annual fundraising event.

There are three routes, one crossing the Voortrekker Pass, one going up to Windmeulnek and a third accessing the Goldfields region of the park. The routes, all graded between 1 and 3, will provide public access to roads that are under normal conditions closed to the public.

The routes will all depart from the Wilderness Common at staged intervals. The Common will also be the venue for a 4x4 Exhibition where leading manufacturers of 4x4 goods will exhibit their wares.

For more information on the routes, email Derek Oldfield at [email protected] or Barbara Little at [email protected].