The garden is vast and impeccably manicured.
There are few things more precious than relaxation and peace of mind.

The African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa, more popularly referred to as Mount Grace, delivers on both fronts. And I was scheduled for a day of pampering.

The drive from Joburg to Mount Grace, which is located in Magaliesberg, a tourist haven,is an hour long. En route, I passed vast stretches of pristine landscapes and I was mesmerised by its beauty.

After snaking my way along a windy road, I arrived at the top of the hill, where this hidden gem towers over the town like a royal palace.

Here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Magaliesberg Mountains. This is an experience on its own.

On the golf cart ride to The Mount Grace Spa, we passed through some lush green gardens and several guest rooms lining its pathways.

The spa offers massage packages, a gym, floatation pool, steam room, outdoor hot tub, reflexology walkway and a restaurant. My first order of the day was an hour and a half long full body massage.

The garden is vast and impeccably manicured.

A few minutes into my massage, my masseuse told me that my back is stiff and my shoulders plagued with knots. We decided that the best remedy for this would be for her to apply quite a bit of pressure.

After getting past the initial discomfort, it didn't take long for me to doze off. My immediate instinct when I woke up after the massage was to check the time.

To my surprise, it was only 90 minutes even though it felt like I had just woken from the longest deep sleep.

The spa’s garden is vast and impeccably maintained. There are several speakers strewn around it playing subtle, relaxing sounds. I then lay down near the pool and, again, finding myself dozing off for a bit.

The restaurant at the spa offers a selection of snacks, salads, burgers and other treats. I went with the chicken wrap, which was delicate and delightful.

There is also the option of enjoying fine wine and a vast selection of cuisine at Rambling Vine.

During my time there I took advantage of the many other facilities around me, including the gym, floatation pool and steam room. For guests looking to stay overnight, there are luxury guest rooms, suites or villas available.

My only regret is that I couldn’t staylonger.