SA comedian Carvin Goldstone chats all things travel with Clinton Moodley. Picture: Londiwe Gumede.
SA comedian Carvin Goldstone chats all things travel with Clinton Moodley. Picture: Londiwe Gumede.

11 travel questions with comedian Carvin Goldstone

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Dec 11, 2019

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Carvin Goldstone is an internationally acclaimed mega comedian, yet when he walked into our Durban office located in Greyville, he remained a humble soul. 

Years prior, he worked at the same newspaper house, chasing deadlines and writing compelling stories. 

It was while working in the world of journalism that steered him into the world of comedy. 

His funny oneliners and impersonations at the office and the positive responses it received by his colleagues incited him to pursue his passion for comedy. 

His flourishing comedy career exposed him to all parts of the globe- from Dubai, Bali to parts of Africa. 

He sat with Clinton Moodley to share his travel tips and played a travel-inspired game of Would You Rather. 

Clinton Moodley (CM): You hosted a travel day tour called On Tour with Carvin Goldstone day tour in Newlands East last year where you merged your love for travel and comedy. How did that come about? 

Carvin Goldstone (CG): A good friend of mine who works in tourism, Briony Smith, had this idea that we could make the communities we come from tourist destinations in some way. When people visit South Africa or travel to Durban, they want to know where people live, how they live and learn about local food. We decided to host this tour in Newlands East, the place where I grew up. Earlier in comedy career, most of my jokes involved stories of where I grew up, so I took guests to some of those places. We stopped at my old house, former school and church and even to my aunty’s house for scones. It was pretty cool. We are going to do a few more soon. 

CM: Let’s take it back to when you were a child. Tell us about your first-holiday memory? Where did you go? 

CG: No, I don't think we went on holiday as a child. (Laughs). The idea of going on holiday for previously disadvantaged people was a strange concept. We would visit my granny and aunty's house where we would spend a few days. We also enjoyed going to the beach. 

CM: Tell us about your first big holiday? 

CG: I decided to take my family on a road trip to Cape Town. The trip lasted a week and a half. I did not want to do the long drive and miss the beauty of the destinations along the way, so we made many detours. I booked a few places along the way, including East London, Knysna and parts of the Garden Route. The Garden Route is the most beautiful part of South Africa from a driving point. You have the mountains on one side and beaches on the other. There's also the most remarkable forestry. 

Carvin Goldstone shares his travel stories. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

CM: I love the Garden Route. There are many places to explore. What about flying? Describe your first time? 

CG:My first time flying was to London. I was nervous, excited, and my brain could not process being in the sky. One of the most difficult things for me was arriving in a new country, and being away from home. For a first-timer, it like a mind-bender.

CM: Food and travel go hand in hand. What has been the best meal you had while travelling?

CG: Blue Marlin steak in the Philippines. Easily the best thing I have eaten outside of South Africa. 

CM: Sounds delicious! As a seasoned traveller, do you have any hacks to share with our readers? 

CG: Invest in a universal plug as it comes in handy when travelling to any destination. Travellers should also invest in a Premium Economy or an equivalent. The difference from economy is space, treatment and the flight is more comfortable. Depending on what city you are in, it is better to walk than using a car or public transport. When you walk, you discover hidden gems within that destination. 

Would you rather travel edition

The highlighted ones are Goldstone's answers.

Would you rather?

Miss your flight

Lose your luggage

Would you rather?

Be stuck on a seven-hour delay

Turn up at the airport and realise your flight is tomorrow

Would you rather?

Have it rain during your entire beach vacation

Have all the bars/restaurants/shops closed during the duration of your trip?

Would you rather?

For 15 minutes: wear a sweater and beanie in the Sahara

For 15 minutes: wander around Antarctica in a Speedo

Would you rather?

Wake up without your wallet

Wake up without your passport and phone

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