Nadia Jaftha gets candid about buying souvenirs for family and friends when on holiday. Picture: Supplied.
South African influencer Nadia Jaftha has spoken about something that many travellers face but are too scared to talk about: buying souvenirs for family and friends when you go on an international trip. 

She said people need to be more sentimental when choosing gifts. 

In an Instagram video, Jaftha said: “I would like to know where the concept of buying gifts for family and friends came from when you travel to other countries. You know, cause people do not appreciate the small things anymore. They do not appreciate the fridge magnets or postcards or some shells that you collected from the beach. 

“They want expensive stuff, and are not sentimental anymore,”  she said in her one-minute-long video. 

She revealed that travellers now had to budget for gifts aside from spending money on flights and accommodation. 
“Now you must budget for flights, accommodation and you spend most of your money on gifts for other people. And you must buy extra luggage bags to fit all these gifts in,”  she said. 

Her followers related, sharing their experiences on her page: @adiand83 said: “This is so true as we spent the whole day buying gifts when we were in Rio, Brazil.” 


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Let’s go back to being sentimental

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