The coastal city of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Picture: Supplied
The coastal city of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Picture: Supplied

#ExploreYourCountry - 24 hours in Port Elizabeth

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Sep 3, 2018

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This year’s location for tourism month is the Eastern Cape. The coastal province has a number of treasures and best kept secrets that have made it a popular tourist destination for different types of travellers: the adventurer, the culture seeker, the R&R seeker and the all-around traveller. 

Port Elizabeth is popularly known for its beaches, harbours, rolling mountains, outrageous winds and hotels, but there is so much more to the windy city. Here is how you can spend 24 hours in the city - through exploration and endless amounts of fun.

Route 67

Go on a walking tour through the popular Route 67 tour, where you get to learn more about the city of PE, with the appearances of quotes from late former president Nelson Mandela (commemorating him and his centenary), and time-travelling back to the late 1800s and early 1900s through statues of Queen Victoria and some of the city’s old architecture.  
The route takes visitors through the city centre and all the way to the Donkin’s reserve, where visitors get an uninterrupted view of the sea and the city. 

Sand boarding 

Ever wanted to go sand boarding on sand dunes, but felt a bit upset at the idea of travelling to the dunes in the Western Cape? Well, the sand dunes along Sunday’s River just outside of Port Elizabeth are some of the best-kept secrets of the province. 

Guided by an instructor, visitors are given the opportunity to surf the sand dunes along Sunday’s river - trying their best to not take a tumble. However, memories are created whether visitors fall over while attempting their sand boarding, or when they succeed in riding down the sand dunes.

Culinary delights

What is a fun-filled trip without exploring the special cuisine of the windy city? The Eastern Cape city is popular for its seafood dishes and mixture of cultures through cuisine. Visiting the Beach House Fish Grill or Blue Waters Cafe for the province’s most popular dish - calamari - is a great way to enjoy your trip.

The Beach House Fish Grill, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth. Picture: Your Neighbourhood

For those who are not so keen to try seafood, then maybe a ‘tshisa nyama’ is more ideal. The Black Impala (situated just outside of the city centre) is a great area for those who are meat lovers, social folks and love some good music. 

There is also Nanaga - a farmhouse restaurant located forty minutes from Port Elizabeth is a great spot for families. The farmhouse serves as a restaurant that provides freshly-baked pies (which is their delicacy), along with a mini shop across from the restaurant that serves biltong and other snacks which may appeal to you. 

There is so much to do in Port Elizabeth, but in order to see the city and the rest of the Eastern Cape, you'll need more than 24 hours in order to make memories and properly experience the Eastern province. At least in 24 hours, you get just a good taste of what the windy city has to offer. 


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