Forgot to return the Tupperware? Perfect places to hide from an angry partner

Leave the dark times behind and run to these perfect spots to clear your head. Picture: Unsplash

Leave the dark times behind and run to these perfect spots to clear your head. Picture: Unsplash

Published Nov 8, 2022


Look, mistakes happen and you didn’t mean it.

You messed up and now you need some time away to think about the consequences of your actions and give your partner some time to blow off some steam.

Forget about baking them a cheesecake, the damage has been done.

Why not take a little Sho’t left to these beautiful hidden gems to clear your head so you can come back a better man?

PS: These places are off the radar so you can switch off the phone and focus on finding yourself.

Wild Coast, Eastern Cape

The Wild Coast is known for it’s scenic beauty, rugged cliffs, quiet beaches, warm people and Xhosa culture. It’s an off the beaten track destination, where time goes slowly. With little to no signal in some areas, it’s the perfect place for a digital detox. Take a hike and see Coffee Bay’s “Hole in the Wall” where you can take time out and think about how you’ve been a bad boy.

The Karoo, Northern Cape

The Karoo has beautiful arty small towns, big open landscapes, starry nights and artisanal country cuisine. Hide away in places like Nieu Bethesda, Graaff-Reinet and Prince Albert where no one knows what you did or even cares to remember. The Karoo is known for sheep farming so don’t leave without trying lamb from the region.

Kaapsche Hoop, Mpumalanga

This tiny little Highveld escarpment town is the perfect place to hideout for a day or two until you are old news. Kaapsche Hoop is full of charming paved roads, leafy avenues and broekie-lace stoeps, sure to give you nostalgia on the good ol’ days. Take part in eco and nature related activities such as hikes and horse trails while also indulging in comfort food at a handful of delightful eateries, such as pancakes to soothe your soul after your marital mishap.

The Beach Camp, Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Everyone goes to Paternoster, but not many people know about the gem that lies close by, the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve. Unplug in A-Frame tents right on the beach and spend your nights stargazing beside the fire and your mornings walking right out into the cool ocean. There’s no electricity but gas-heated showers, making it the perfect place for a guilty soul.

Pongola Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal

Pongola Game Reserve in Northern KwaZulu-Natal is home of the elephants. Relax and gather your thoughts in the fresh air of Lake Jozini surrounded by the Lebombo Mountains. Take part in safari drives, sunset cruises and elephant-monitoring activities that are sure to remind you of the best man you can be.

Hopefully, by the time you come back, your partner will have cooled down and you can show them that you have grown and become a better man.

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