The stunning coastline. Pics by Clinton Moodley

Despite the heat on our face as we drive from East London to start the #MyEC tour, we are excited about the activities lined up for us.

The Eastern Cape sun and its humidity seeped into our taxi, light music playing in the background.

Our first stop is The Hole in The Wall, about 4 and a half hours away from East London. 

The Hole in The Wall, near Coffee Bay. 

While driving, we see nguni cows and white coloured horses on farms and open spaces. The peace and tranquility of the journey is hard to describe. 

After a long drive, we arrive at The Hole in The Wall.

The Hole in the Wall is a natural arch that is pierced through a wall of a sandstone. It is located at the mouth of the Mpako River, about 8 km due south of Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast.

At Hluleka Nature Reserve you get to see some friendly zebras. 

Next we visit Hluleka Nature Reserve, a stunning accommodation venue filled with high mountains, beach views and tranquility. If you lucky, you will see zebras near the private lodges.

We spend the night at Hluleka. 

The next day, after we tuck into breakfast of muffins, fresh juice and yogurt, we leave Hluleka to visit the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha. 

The Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha is filled with with awards and history of the late former president of South Africa

The iconic spot is home to Nelson Mandela memorabilia, interviews and awards that the former South African president recieved during his political days.

By night, after a three hour drive to Morgan's Bay, we enjoy sundowners by the cliff. This spot is ideal for sunset picnics, but just be careful not to fall over.

Our trip is jam packed with adventure. On day 3, I watch the sunrise from my balcony at the Mitford Hotel in Morgan's Bay. 

After gobbling down breakfast in haste, we drive to Mama Tofu's Cultural Village in Ngxingxolo, an hour away from East London.

A cultural dance at Mama Tofu's Cultural Village in Ngxingxolo

The cultural tour enlightens guests on the Xhosa traditions and cuisine. In the afternoon, our group of 8 drive to Areena Resort, where an afternoon of ziplining is planned. Those who opt not to zipline can canoe at the nearby river or hike.

Eastern Cape is a beautiful place just waiting to be explored. It's packed with mountains, beaches, coastal towns, national parks and breathtaking accommodation. 

I definitely see myself planning a holiday here sometime in future.