Clive’s Chokka Block, just an hour and a half away from Port Elizabeth, has become a favourite spot for travellers.

There is a restaurant in the town of St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape that dishes up the most tantalising seafood meals within minutes.  Clive’s Chokka Block, just an hour and a half away from Port Elizabeth, has become a favourite spot for travellers who want to tuck into good food during their stay or when they make a pit stop during a road trip.

Clive’s Chokka Block is known as one of the oldest restaurants in St Francis Bay, having been around for the past 21 years. Guests dine with the view of Port St Francis harbour, a privately owned harbour in South Africa. After taking over the restaurant last year, Canter recommends travellers to try their seafood offerings and their Mauritian and Portuguese cuisine. During a recent visit, our group of 15 arrived at the restaurant for lunch on an overcast day. 
Canter welcomed us at the door and ushered us towards the blue and white laden table at the corner of the restaurant. 

The tasting platter. Picture: Clinton Moodey.

The smell of freshly caught seafood permeated the air. The restaurant is nautical themed with splashes and white and blue at every corner. While its appearance is dated, it is the food that lures its guests to the premises. With his 28 years of experience in the seafood industry, Canter wanted to create a tasting that showcased the town’s most famous asset: its calamari. 

Clive Canter shows how to clean a calamari. Picture: Clinton Moodey.

And his newly established calamari tasting does just that. During the tasting, Canter gave guests an insightful talk about calamari, debunked myths and showed guests how to prepare it. Canter also showed guests how to clean the calamari.  Who would have thought that cleaning calamari could be so easy? It was fascinating to hear his stories about the seafood industry. After the 20 minute talk, waiters brought out the calamari platters for guests to taste. Although I am not a big fan of calamari, its flavourful combinations and freshness made it hard to resist another plate. The tasting certainly gave me a newfound appreciation of calamari. 

The main, seafood platter. Picture: Clinton Moodey.

I would recommend that guests order off the menu after the tasting. For mains, travellers can enjoy their famous seafood platter that includes hake fillet, calamari, prawns and mussels, flame grilled rump or a vegetable lasagne. If you have a sweet tooth, why not try their famous carrot cake with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream with wild berry or chocolate sauce. 
Their milkshakes that come in berry, chocolate, vanilla and lime flavours are worth every calorie.  For further information, call 042 294 1615 or visit them at Top Floor, Squid Square in Triton Avenue, Port St Francis. 

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