Here is a sunrise shot in Morgan Bay that will inspire you to take one on your next travel adventure. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

I love sunrises. There is something about them that makes me excited about the day ahead. 

If I am travelling to a new place, I make sure I wake early to enjoy the stunning sunrise that particular place has to offer. 

Imagine my excitement when I captured this sunrise from my hotel room at the Mitford Hotel in Morgan Bay, Eastern Cape recently. Morgans Bay is a town in Amathole District Municipality. 

This coastal town is bursting with water activity and travellers having lazy afternoons on the beach.

Travellers, I am told by staff at Mitford Hotel, leave their curtains open at night in hopes of not missing the sunrise in the morning. The sea facing rooms allow visitors to get stunning sunrise (or sunset) shots to add to their Instagram collection.

If you are visiting Morgan Bay, make sure you rise early to catch the sunrise. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences.