International and local jumpers travel from far and wide to jump 'world’s highest bungy bridge'. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Hundreds of people from all over the globe come to the Eastern Cape to bungee jump off the Bloukrans River Bridge.

Dubbed the world’s highest bungy bridge, travellers get to fall for 200 meters. Aside from the rush of adrenaline that one gets from the jump, they also take in the stunning views of the Bloukrans River valley.

While majority of them are triumphant, others, clearly petrified by the high jump, ‘chicken out’ at the very last minute.

This once in a lifetime adrenaline high is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Eastern Cape-and with good reason.

Bloukrans Bungy uses pendulum bungee technology to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible. Jumpers are secured in a full-body harness, combined with an ankle connection.

One of the managers for Face Adrenalin, Thomas Ngomana, said they were proud of their safety record.

No incident had been reported since the first jump in 1997.

“We believe that fear is temporary and that regret is forever. We get people from all over the world who come to jump- and all of them absolutely love it.

“Majority of our clients are international visitors, mainly from the United Kingdom, United States, India, Germany and France. We have around 30 percent local visitors,” he said.

If travellers are brave, they can make a booking by calling 042 281 1458, 071 109 6872, 071 248 5959 or email [email protected]

The jump is priced from R1000.