Deneys Croc Ranch in the Free State.

The Free State is the gorgeous inland province which is the only province in South Africa with a majority Sesotho speaking population.

The Free State can be a little deceiving, the sun was shining bright and as we drove cows grazed, but as soon as I got out of the taxi, a cold wind hit me, and it didn't stop.

My first stop was at the Vaal Prive Resort in Deneysville, a quaint town in northern Free State and I was off to the Deneys Croc Ranch.

The ranch has more than 500 crocodiles. The oldest croc is Robbie,aged 58. What's really cool about this ranch is that they have built bridges within the croc enclosures so a croc can be within inches of you. Of course there is a protective fence.

My highlight of the ranch though was walking freely with ostriches and taking selfies with them. Unlike in th movies, none of them tried to attack me. And then there were the lions, Nala and Maluti who actually looked genuinely in love. I still think they should have called him Simba and not Maluti. Oh well.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paballo Thekiso

The day ended off with a long boat ride on the Vaal Dam. The dam itself is absolutely massive and beautiful. I could not handle the cold though, I am from Durban so anything below 20 is cold for me and on this day I am so sure it was -10 (bit of an exaggeration there), but nevertheless it very pleasant.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paballo Thekiso

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