The Gautrain is a train experience in Joburg everyone should try. Picture:

I had my first Gautrain experience in October this year. Most of my friends who live in Johannesburg rave about how great it is for travel. 

So, on a recent visit to the City of Gold, I decided to take the train to Sandton. I ended up having such a great experience. Here are 4 reasons why you should try the Gautrain:

1. It is convenient

With the rising cost of meter taxis, it's often a better idea to take the Gautrain. I usually step out of the plane, grab my luggage and head for the Gautrain station. There is a special entry to the station via OR Tambo International Airport. The process is fuss free and reliable. It is also faster to get to the airport, especially with the hectic Johannesburg traffic.

2. It is great for travellers

For travellers who are constantly on the go, it is great that the Gautrain is travel friendly. There are designated spots in the train where you can store your suitcases.

3. It gets you to your destination on time

Similar to the MyCiti bus system in Cape Town, the Gautrain alerts users on the times the next train will arrive. Most trains take 10 minutes to arrive during peak season.

4: You make new friends

The Gautrain is a place to meet people from all walks of life. The melting pot of cultures allows you to have diverse conversations with local and international tourists. For further information on the routes and pricing, visit