The hotel is designed with a the Romanesque theme.

PEERMONt D’oreale Grande Hotel at Emperors Palace is beautiful. 

The hotel is designed with a the Romanesque theme. Guests who use the hotel passage to the casino will be mesmerised by the large paintings in the hallway. The short stories on each will leave you spellbound. When it’s time to go to my club executive suite, a staff member escorts me to a spacious luxury suite that overlooks the courtyard.

The room is just as regal as the rest of the hotel, with dark hues of brown, red and gold décor.

The room is just as regal as the rest of the hotel, with dark hues of brown, red and gold décor.

When I see the master bedroom, I am bowled over. Its large printed headstands pop up. White linen dresses the bed with a red throw to pull it all together. My suite has two bathrooms, which is designed in elegant gold with modern finishings. One of the bathrooms is for guests. There are two televisions screens, one in the lounge and the other in the main bedroom.

Despite the TripAdvisor reviews I read days before about the place being a bit drab and outdated, I like it. The room maintains its historical charm but is kitted with state-of-the-art facilities that luxury hotels need.

The spa was a treat.

It’s a mix of contemporary meets modern, and definitely one of those places you’ll want to make your holiday choice.

My suite is close to the sound of the busy Joburg traffic, but instead of it making me feel anxious, I found it rather invigorating. Before I know it, it’s time to sample some of the offerings of Emperors Palace. The hotel has planned a line-up of activities that showcase the beauty of Emperors. I rush to the Scene VIP cinemas where I am scheduled to watch Just Getting Started that stars Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones. While the movie is neither interesting nor funny, the experience makes up for it. I enjoy a cocktail, popcorn and M&Ms while my seat is reclined. This is definitely something that one needs after a long day.

That evening, after a five-star dinner, I make my way to Marc Antony. This bar is named after a Roman politician and general who played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic from an oligarchy into the autocratic Roman Empire.

I retreat to one of the sofas where I enjoy a hot chocolate with a shot of Amarula and listen to the live music.

Andrew Namba takes me to their cigar and cognac lounge, where he tells me about the art of smoking a cigar. He lights one for me and fragrant smoke fills the air. I steadily hold the cigar, trying to mimic James Dean, but I fail dismally. After a few hours enjoying the music, I decide to retire for the evening. 

Emperors Palace offers a range of food offerings, including Braza.

After a quick breakfast at Club Lounge in the morning, I head off to my spa treatment at Octavia’s Day Spa. A lady greets me and escorts me to the Roman inspired pool for an introduction. Then, after I put on my beige gown, I meet Petranela Chifunda, my massage therapist, who takes me to the spa treatment.

The 45-minute treatment of a head, back and shoulder massage is just what I need. The music and the ambiance is second to none, taking me into a light slumber. By the end of the treatment, I feel refreshed and energised. I spend some time in the sauna and steam room and shower. The spa also offers a 30-minute floatation therapy that equates to four hours of undisturbed sleep. I am definitely booking one the next time I visit.