"Look, mom, my fishy is swimming with yours!" This was followed by delighted squeals from my four-year-old daughter, Iris, who was watching enthralled as her angelfish had come to life.

It was swimming with hundreds of other assorted sea creatures - with four more introduced from our little family - bobbing through Future Park's expansive floor-to-wall virtual aquarium at Silverstar Casino's Globe Theatre. 

Iris and her brother, Leo, 8, seemed enamoured as they watched as their crayon-drawn pictures had been scanned and projected onto a giant virtual aquarium that they were now trying to find in the floating school of other cutely-scribbled sea creatures.

While our children are not technology-obsessed, they had asked for a few weeks if we were taking them to Future Park - the billboard runs right past our house.  

The idea for the "digital universe" was created in 2001 by a group of Tokyo University postgraduates who seek to "blur the boundaries between art, science, technology and creativity".

At its installations, "children build towns, compose their own music, and create their own virtual reality". 

Iris spent the hour or so we were there queuing for Digital Hopscotch for Geniuses, while Leo who is hugely soccer obsessed, enjoyed kicking the balls of the Light Ball Orchestra - colourful balls that contain sensors and "constitute an orchestra" as they make sounds when they are moved.

As a child who loves reading, he enjoyed touching the symbols on other virtual screens that evolved into the images they represent, forming stories. Both children probably most loved, A Table Where Little People Live. 

Here, in this installation, tiny people run around an interactive tabletop screen around which children sit or stand, interacting with them by placing objects on the table, to help the little people jump, climb and slide. 

"Kill the cow, mom, kill the cow," Iris implored me, the cow ostensibly being the bad guy, who wants to destroy the little people. 

At the installation, their dad laboured over their 3-D printed pictures - one a house and the other a plane, which both kids took home. 

Still, at R120 per person, for about an hour of entertainment, Future Park may not fit everyone's pocket.

* The Silverstar Easter playground will be running until April 8 and hosts a range of children’s activities from 10am to 5pm.