Followers of the Afro-Brazilian religion Umbanda carry offerings for Lemanja, goddess of the sea, at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Worshippers give thanks for the year that is ending and ask for blessings for the new year.

Johannesburg - New Year’s Eve looms, and expectations of party-goers across the world are high.

It is meant to be the biggest night of the year, but often Joburg residents are left alone as their friends and neighbours make their way to the coast or overseas to celebrate the festive season.

This year’s New Year’s Eve offerings are eclectic, to say the least.

Midrand’s most well-known den of debauchery, Truth, is hosting German music duo Format:B, described as “Berlin-based bangers”. You may not know what that is or who they are, but the club has promised it will make all other New Year’s Eve parties “seem minuscule”.


If you feel like something a little “classier”, look no further than Ekurhuleni’s favourite airport/party venue: Rand Airport. The All-White Themed Mile High Club party will most likely attract a variety of “Flyboys” and other revellers, but don’t expect the pretentiousness of Dîner en Blanc.

And if you’re looking to violate your wallet with some of the most expensive, luxury drinks in Joburg, that is promised by Randlord’s “Diamonds in the Sky” party, where “glitz and glamour await.”

It’s R10 000 for a booth reservation, but it’s said to be totally worth it – if you’re Kenny Kunene.

“The booth includes a reserved area, one bottle of Sky premium vodka, one bottle of Dom Perignon, two snack platters and VIP parking for three vehicles,” the party poster says.


5FM is also trying a hostile takeover of the city for the night, with its usual mainstream, commercial dance muzak pumping across Zone 6 in Soweto, and Northlands Production Park in Northriding.

In Randpark Ridge “The Roaring 20’s Party” at Chicago’s Piano Bar assures flapper dresses, good food and a party band will help you forget your woes and take you back a few decades to the jazz age.


Let’s not forget that one option remains. It may not have the heavy doef-doef beats or the police roadblocks associated with the abovementioned parties, but the NYE house-party does have a certain charm.

Gather those friends who are still in the city – knock on your neighbours’ doors if necessary. Set up the braai, buy copious amounts of alcohol and lay on a few cushions for people to pass out on.

Loud music is optional, depending on how close your neighbours live. At least no one has to drive. - The Star