Google Maps revealed its users’ favourite bars, restaurants and tourist attractions in and around Johannesburg. Picture: Instagram/ TheBlindTigerCafe.

Google Maps revealed its users’ favourite bars, restaurants and tourist attractions in and around Johannesburg.

These are some of the top choices: 

Tourist attractions 

Nizamiye Mosque: Visitors describe this place of worship in Midrand as peaceful, relaxing, beautiful and exquisite. It is based on the 16th-century Ottoman Selimiye Mosque and holds up to 6000 people per service. The interior boasts 232 stained glass windows. On special occasions, the mosque is lit in green and purple at night. 

Madhya Kailash Temple: This Hindu temple in Midrand is dedicated to Lord Shiva and serves “hundreds of thousands” of people for worship and public events. 

Hashtag Escape: The trend of escape room games has taken the world by storm, and Joburg is no exception. A group of friends, family or colleagues are locked in a room with one hour to solve a series of puzzles to escape. Hashtag Escape offers three scenarios to test your brainpower. 


Ana-Paula's Coffee Shop: Topping the Joburg list isn’t a fine dining restaurant, but a coffee shop in Krugersdorp. Serving coffee, cakes and lunches, Ana-Paula’s known for its beautiful garden, tasteful decor and delicious food.  

The Marabi Club: This vibey restaurant in New Doornfontein serves cocktails, whiskies, fine dining dishes, Sunday lunches, pizzas in a classic setting. The venue is a landmark evoking the area’s vibrant history and taking visitors back to a time when people would escape hardships in the area’s illegal shebeens in the 1920s. 

Ristorante La Trinita: Known as the “best Italian restaurant” in Joburg, Ristorante La Trinita located in Kyalami is a small women-owned business serving up home-cooked pizzas, pasta and other traditional Italian delicacies. Visitors say they’ve had some of the best meals of their lives there and many feel they are welcomed as warmly as family when they visit. 


Sin+Tax: This cocktail bar in Randburg is ranked at number 88 on the World’s 50 Best Bars for 2019 extended list for its beverages, that explore a diverse range of flavours and push boundaries. Some say it feels like they’re in Manhattan, New York, while others liken it to a secret speakeasy. Many reviewers agree that it is the best venue for cocktails and a night out on the town in Johannesburg. 

The Blind Tiger: Located in Parkview, this cafe and bar is a “cosy” neighbourhood spot with an extensive menu of unique and classic cocktails and a wide selection of fine wines. They also serve California-inspired fusion cuisine. Visitors call it “quaint”, “sophisticated”, “fun”, “trendy” and a “lekka local”. 

Trumps Grillhouse and Butcher: This bar and grill has been on Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton since 1994. Whether paired with a superb steak or solo, the venue boasts an extensive wine cellar and selection of “age-old” whiskies. Guests love the ambience and atmosphere for a date night, though some weren’t so sure about visiting because the Trump name has a bit of a bad rep.