If you are visiting South Africa, here are tips to make your travels fun amid the load shedding. Photo by Rahul from Pexels.

With Eskom implementing load shedding almost every day, travellers holidaying in South Africa need a backup plan when the lights go out. 
Here are some tips to Eskom-proof your South African holiday:  
Check the schedule

This seems like an obvious one, but a surprisingly high number of people are still caught off guard when the power goes out. Check your local schedule to see if your area will be affected by power outages and when. For travellers, ask the staff at your accommodation or the locals about the load shedding schedule and monitor the news for possible changes. The schedule helps make planning easier. 
Go to the beach
If you are holidaying in a coastal city, you should plan a beach day. South Africa is home to some of the world’s top beaches with some of the most picturesque views. Many cities have improved their beach attractions- offering retail spaces and other enticing activities. Travellers could also plan a picnic or games in between soaking up the sand and sea. 
Go on a mini road trip 

Unless you have an electric vehicle, load shedding can’t stop you from heading out on a road trip for the day. Take this time to visit places you wouldn’t usually consider and use this downtime to refresh your connection with nature. There is an array of outdoor activities ranging from walks, hiking trails and cycling routes available for travellers. 
Have a braai

In South Africa, we don’t need a reason to braai as anytime can be braai time. If you find it impossible to make or get a cooked meal during load shedding, have a braai instead. No matter where you are in the country, there are many public braai areas around. If you have rented a holiday house, ask the owners permission to braai on their property.