More foreign students are visiting SA to learn how to become a field ranger.

More millennials are flocking to South Africa- but not just for travel. With South African tourism on the rise, the demand for authentic travel experiences has risen. 

This, in turn, increases the need for field guides to help with wildlife encounters, one of the most popular interests for foreign visitors. 
Bushwise, a world-class post-matric training academy that focuses on field guide training programmes has allowed local and international students to gain insight and experience into the world of field guiding. So whether it’s learning about animal behaviour or the game lodge industry, these youngsters see a whole new side to South Africa. 

Owner Sophie Niemann says its international student intake has remained steady since 2012. She started the company in 2006. 

“I wanted to assist young people to get a proper qualification and improve the standard in the industry. It is exciting and reassuring to know that there are students from Germany, the US and Jordan who are keen to see what South Africa has to offer. 
“It bodes so well for tourism in our country and places South Africa on an international stage,” he said.
Niemann was once a zoologist in England, but had a deep desire for conservation and was keen to learn about the mystery of the wild. 
Talking about the 6-month programme, she said: “We give students the unique opportunity to explore the “best South Africa has to offer”, discover the wild and learn various industry subjects including guiding principles, biomes, animals and climate. 
“The students get to see South Africa when they are placed at some of the country’s most prestigious lodges, including the culture and cuisine,” she says. [email protected]