When you choose a hotel, make sure that you factor in safety and security. Picture: Patrick King.
When you choose a hotel, make sure that you factor in safety and security. Picture: Patrick King.

Is your hotel making safety a priority?

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Nov 4, 2019

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When you look for a potential hotel to stay at, most seek impressive amenities, state-of-the-art room features and impeccable food and beverage services. 

Guests tend to overlook what safety and security features are in place to protect them. 

With the summer holidays around the corner, booking the right hotel is essential - and you should probably make sure that the hotel has strict safety and security measures in place. 

Some Southern African hotels have devised strategies to protect their guests in time for the upcoming summer holiday boom. 

Lee Zamekile Zama of Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA) said their hotels have safety protocols and procedures in place to ensure that all guests have a comfortable stay. 

She said safety is vital for all travellers and among their top priorities, irrespective of the time of the year. 

“We always encourage our customers to prioritise their safety like they would if they travelled to any other destination in the world. Since we cannot share our strategies, the hotel will communicate any important information to the guest. Each hotel staff knows and understands the protocol,” said Zama. 

Zama advised that travellers booking hotel stays should research the destination and heed to safety instruction. 

“Travellers must read about the destination and about the vicinity close to their hotel. Guest should also follow the safety suggestions offered by their tour operators, travel agents, and hotel staff,” she added. 

One of the hotels hoping to prioritise guest safety is the President Hotel in Cape Town. 

Jeremy Clayton, the Manager and Shareholder at The President Hotel, said the hotel partnered with Integrisec, a security service provider with over 20 years of hotel security experience. 

“With the busy festive season approaching, we anticipate an influx of local and international tourists. 

“Together with Integrisec, the hotel management team work closely to mitigate risks to ensure that all guests can enjoy the hotel’s facilities and services without having to be concerned about safety and security,” said Clayton. 

The President Hotel also makes use of onsite and remote video surveillance, continual risk assessment and mitigation services, along with Data Programmes provided by the SAPS and the City of Cape Town.

In Durban, BON Hotel 64 on Gordon implemented safety and security measures where management ensures that guests are safe 24 hours a day.

“An emergency evacuation meeting point has been provided for use by guests in the case of emergency evacuation and egress. The area must conform to local by-laws where applicable,” the hotel revealed. 

Douglas Allen of Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers said safety is a top priority throughout the year for the hotel and something that is enhanced over the festive season. 

He preferred to keep the safety plans confidential. Other hotels approached for comment did not want to divulge their safety plans.

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