All Out Adventures in Northern Drakensberg is an absolute treat. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

"I can't do this" I tell Thabani Mtembu, moment before I take the King Swing at All Out Adventures in Northern Drakensberg.

I am normally one that shies away from doing any hardcore activity, and have always said I will only bungee jump when I'm old and grey.

Today, Thabani tells me it's going to be alright, and takes me through the mandatory instructions before the fall.

Finally, as eyes peer from the ground, in high anticipation for the jump, I do it. Once I fall, my fears fly away and a wake of fearless takes over me as I enjoy the two minute swing.

A surge of adrenaline takes over my body. I feel like I can conquer the world, 

The King Swing drops 17 meters to the ground. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Front and back I go, high at first and lower towards the end. I hear cheers of support from below. Soon, I am back onto the ground, feeling invisible.

"I am so proud of you," I hear Tanya, one of the women on our group say to me.

Time to try my hand at pellet shooting and I rope in my friend Briony for a challenge.

That was a big mistake. While Briony says she had never shot before, her shooting skills are on par of that of  a 'sniper'

She won all three games.

Playing a friendly game of pellet shooting with Briony Smith.

All Out Adventures offer a range of activities for all ages - including zipline, canopy tours, paintball, mountain biking and quad biking.

The good news is that travellers can enjoy these activities in any weather. Special raincoats are provided for those rainy days.

All Out Adventures was started  by Chris Mecklenborg and his wife, Loretta, at Montusi Mountain Lodge, but as the demand for adventure activity grew, the pair located to their current premise, just off the R74, mid way between Joburg and Durban, in 2007.

Mecklenborg says this is more than just another exotic job.

“What we actually provide is a chance to challenge yourself, to let go of inhibitions, to take yourself less seriously, to surprise yourself, a chance to have a genuine experience of yourself,” he says.