Fancy an artwork at a hotel? You can buy it at Vulintaba Country Hotel and Spa in KwaZulu-Natal. Picture: Vulintaba Country Hotel and Spa.

Have you ever seen an artwork at an hotel that you absolutely wanted, but could not have? Vulintaba Country Hotel and Spa in Newcastle, Kwazulu-Natal sells the artworks of a North Coast artist named Munro to interested guests.

I've seen artworks at many hotels, but none as stunning and intense as the ones I had seen at Vulintaba. When it opened a year ago, one of their main goals was to showcase the art created by locals.

Guests are confronted with Munro’s paintings of human faces and figures as they enter the hotel.

Open to interpretation, the artworks are displayed in most of the hotels, from the lobby, the restaurant and the corridors.

Marketing officer for Vulintaba Country Hotel, Henry van der Linden, said that the artworks have become quite popular for hotel guests.

“Travellers always asks us about the artwork and take pictures of it. There is something about the artworks that resonates with our guests.

“Those who love the artworks end up buying it to take home,” he said.

The artworks change from time to time, so if you really like one then it's best you grab it while it's still on display. The chances of seeing it again may be slim as Munro’s work is sold quite fast.