The dashing Thabo who needs your help! Photo: Instagram/ThulaThulaRhinoFund
The Thula-Thula Private Game reserve has started a campaign to help its eleven year old rhino find a mate. 

Thabo, which means happiness in Sesotho, was orphaned and taken in by the game reserve. While the reserve has another rhino, a female Ntombi, it has been said that he is unwilling to mate with her. So, the game reserve has started a Give Gain campaign, to help them raise enough funds to buy a rhino for Thabo to mate with. 

The campaign notes read: "Your help is needed for A girlfriend for Thabo.Thabo our rescued orphan rhino is turning 11 years this year. Since he is in his breeding prime we need to find him a girlfriend. Thabo is just not mating with Ntombi our female rhino as they were brought up together, and since 2009 are enjoying a "brother-sister-relationship".  Help our Rhino for future generations! We need your financial help and support to purchase two female rhinos."

In order to assure all their potential donors of the rhino's safety, the game reserve has upped the ante on its security structures. 

"Thula Thula  has all essential and professional anti-poaching and security in place to ensure that these rhinos and their offspring's are being well protected.In March 2019 it was the first anniversary of the death of the last male Northern Rhino; one species that is now extinct. With nearly 10.000 rhino poached in the last decade, we need to do everything to ensure the survival of the rhino".