Promise Dlamini gives Tatum and Cameron Elliott an excitiing moment. Picture Lisa Elliott

Durban - One of the drawcards for children staying at Thula Thula’s tented camp, is the Kiddies Bush Walk.

Tatum, five, and Cameron, four, Elliott, went out with ranger Promise Dlamini and were fascinated to see that it is possible to clean your teeth using the “toothbrush” plant.

They tasted leaves, were shown which berries were poisonous, which plants can be used as medicine; and how to identify different animals’ spoor.

At one spot, various bones and skulls are laid out. Among these are the remains of a rhino which Numzane, the elephant, had killed. Wriggling excitedly, Cameron got to put his hand inside a skull.

Their mother, Lisa, said she and her husband had chosen the camp because children could find stimulating things to keep them entertained.

“Tatum has done this walk twice,” said Lisa. “After the second one she was able to correctly answer all the questions.” Clearly Promise captured her attention with his warm and friendly way of getting across information. – Sunday Tribune