Michael Pather. Pic: Supplied

The Drakensberg Sun has a new executive chef, 48-year-old Michael Pather. We found out 5 interesting facts about the talented chef who's worked with prestigious local 5-star establishments and casinos:

  • Pather grew up in a family where his dad was with the British and Dunlops Company. As a youngster, when he would travel alongside his dad, he would pick up on all the delicious flavours in the various meals provided for him by his personal chef. 
  • Some of the various cuisines he learned through this experience were Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, French, Italian and Thai.
  • Pather started off in the hospitality industry with the Royal family of Brunai where, in his words, he was exposed to the highest of standards of culinary arts.
  • He worked extensively in Asian Pacific countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Pather was the Executive Chef for the German soccer team in 2010, under the guidance of Michelin star chef Holger Stromberg.