Zulu dancers at the tourism celebrations. A re-enactment of the battle of Isandlwana at the site where the British were beaten.
Tourism Month has officially kicked off in KwaZulu-Natal, with the theme #WeDoTourism. An event was held at the Vulintaba Country Estate last weekend to celebrate the Zulu kingdom. 

From Zulu warriors (amabutho) to beadwork demonstrations, the event encapsulated what it means to be a KwaZuluNatal local. 

Anglo-Zulu War re-enactment The festivities kick-started with a re-enactment of the AngloZulu War where the British soldiers and Zulu warriors battled each other, depicting the war that happened decades ago in which the Zulu were victorious. 

Baking bread I have seen the famous amagwinya being bought at local eateries in Durban, but a bonus was seeing it being prepared. 

A resident showed us how to prepare the amagwinya and what made it unique. The delicacy is also known as vetkoek in Afrikaans. 

It is a popular meal for many people living in townships and is served plain and hot. It is is sold by spaza shops, hawkers at taxi ranks, roadside vendors, and fast-food shops throughout the country. 

Beadwork I was handed a Zulu beaded bracelet with green, red and black patterns on it.  Before we were presented with these gifts, we were shown how these were made. 

The beadwork demonstration shed light on the significance of the colours of the beads used and how it is part of the Zulu custom. Entertainment Newcastle group New Tunes made us dance with their stunning tunes, showcasing the delightful sounds of the province. 

In between speeches, Zulu dancers enthralled guests with their invigorating dances. I even learnt a few tips. We Do Tourism One of the main objectives of this year’s tourism month celebrations is the “We Do Tourism” campaign. The campaign encourages South Africans to explore their city or other parts of the country.