Elephant teaches 3 baby Hippos who's the boss.

Elephants can be grumpy at the best of times and these hippos soon learned that this Ellie was not interested in visitors on his turf…
This footage was taken by Evan Malsbury in the Umfolozi River. 

Evan told Latestsighings.com: “We were part of an organized tour group that had arranged for a river cruise. There were several other boats on the river, and saw nothing unusual prior to this sighting, just groups of hippos grazing along the river.

According to the boat driver and the tour director, seeing elephants along the river as part of this cruise was extremely unusual, so everyone on board was jockeying for a better view of a lone elephant close to the water’s edge.

A trio of baby hippos appeared and this was when the drama was taken up a notch. The baby hippos were no match for the elephant but thankfully no one but the tree was hurt.