You cannot visit the beach during level 3 lockdown. Picture: Clinton Moodley.
You cannot visit the beach during level 3 lockdown. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

WATCH: No, you can’t visit the beach during level 3. Here's what will happen if you do

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 4, 2020

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A shocking video posted on social media shows Durbanites taking in the sun, sand and sea at a North Coast beach despite beaches being closed during level 3 lockdown.

Most of the locals were without their masks. As they were enjoying a beach day, they were confronted by police who allegedly issued warnings and fines for breaking level 3 regulation.

The viral video, shared by What's On Durban on Instagram, has since been shared on other social media platforms. In the short clip, beachgoers can be seen grabbing their beach essentials and running away from the police. Surfers ran with their surfboards. No one practised social distancing.

The viral clip has received mixed reactions. Some were disgusted at locals' behaviour.

User @rolenejafter commented: "My heart breaks when I see such esp as we r trying really hard as frontliners to educate and stop the this rate our peak is going to last longer than it shud" (sic)

Another user @blueyezblu commented: "...and no masks... Carry on people! But, just do us all a favour and don't cry when restrictions are tightened again!! #freakingridiculous" (sic)

User @davelindemann_photography commented: "This is very disturbing. Not cool to see people having to run with kids in a state of panic. Not cool at all 😡" (sic)

Others asked why beaches were not allowed to open when people could legally visit casinos and travel in taxis.

User @melodyvanheerden commented: "How is it that you are allowed in a casino, but not on the beach in fresh air??? ☹️ makes no sense." (sic)

User commented: "Banned The Beach which is an open area, fresh air, enough space and sunlight. Yet it is legal to get into a taxi and go to the casino. SA logic." (sic)

User @explore_every_corner commented: "I dont see the problem with people going to the beaches as long as they social distance and wear masks. How is the beach any different to parks?" (sic)

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