Just an hour and a half from Durban, the South Coast offers a new world. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Just an hour and a half from Durban, the South Coast offers a new world, one where palm trees dance in the air and the tranquil blue waters give you renewed energy.

As I drive pass the N2 southbound, I am excited about the drive. The sunshine hits my face and a light wind blows into my car. The humidity overwhelms me, but with a nice selection of songs to keep me company, I am content.

With just one toll near Port Shepstone, it allows you the freedom to enjoy the ride. 

Here are some reasons you should take a road trip to the South Coast:

It's not too far from Durban

It is just an hour and a half drive with lots of great scenic views along the way. What is not to love about this great combination?

The South Coast towns are so close to each other

For those of you who like to spend less time on the road and more time on experiences, South Coast towns like Port Edward and Munster are quite close to each other. This means that the only ‘long drive’ you will take is from home to the South Coast, and back.

It's a great place for a seascape

There are a variety of different beaches around South Coast, which allows travellers to soak up the sun, sand and the sea.

There's a range of activities to keep you occupied

A variety of offerings are available for travellers, from adventure, watersports, arts and craft and many foodie joints.

There are budget-friendly options

Most establishments offer cheap accomodation and activities to suit the pocket of travellers. From bed and breakfast, lodges to hotels, there are a range of places that allows everyone to travel without forking out lots of money.