In celebration of SA’s Tourism & Heritage month, #TGEspring18 will be hosting curated cultural experiences from Thursday, the 6th of September, all the way until Sunday, the 8th of September, in the majestic city of Venda.  

Numerous luxury travel activities with a local twist of cultural flavour are in store for the thousands of patrons that will flock to Venda to come and enjoy a momentous weekend of arts, culture, craft and music. 

Pete Radali, whose role as CEO of The Communication Capital, explained the importance of South Africans participating in and supporting Tourism & Heritage month. "The month of September should be one of the most celebrated calendar months for South Africans because it is the only time we have as a people to reflect on our origins as well as cultures. We should all participate in things that seek to promote our identity and diversity as these make us who we are." 

I ask him what the thinking was behind hosting The Great Experience in Limpopo: "Our thinking around hosting TGE in Limpopo Vhembe District was really inspired by our quest to enhance the South African Tourism activity book, what we now refer to as increasing the geographically spread of the tourism activity. Limpopo’s magic is really its people, home to three ethnic groups: Tsonga, Venda and Pedi speaking people. The province is the epitome of what social cohesion should look like."  

Pete Radali, CEO of The Communication Capital. Pic: Masimba Sasa

Kicking off the festivities at the Tropic of Capricorn landmark for refreshments – #TGEspring18 promises guests a weekend filled with differentiated experiences including a tour across what is regarded as the most majestic and beautiful forest in the Limpopo region - the Thathe Vondo sacred forest excursion, followed by lunch at the Tshivhase Tea Estate with spectacular views of the waterfall in the valley. 

A Spirit Art Garden Cultural Art Exhibition Market will also be toured where guests will be sampling unique cultural products including local drinks, food and clothing. A boat cruise in the Nandnoni Dam and dinner “under the stars” at Kalahari Water Front also promises to be a memorable experience. 

But which part of this weekend's itinerary excites him the most? "It is really difficult to pinpoint or choose, but I would say Friday for me is most exciting. We have an off-road jeep excursion of the Thathe Sacred Forest and we will have lunch on the Tshivhase Tea Estate where we will lunch while looking at one of the best views in the region. The Touch Reserve Dinner Under the stars will also be one to remember."

This celebration of Limpopo cultural vibrancy and appreciation for the beautiful province also provides an exceptional opportunity to uplift the Venda community and build social cohesion through the various opportunities for the community. These include the training of 10 tour guides that will take patrons to the various attractions and share interesting historical facts of the attractions.

The future for Limpopo tourism looks bright, says Radali: "I would be the first to say Limpopo is in safe hands the appointment of Ms Nomasonto Ndlovu as CEO was a game-changing move for the province, she has really opened up new spaces and places and she seems to be championing the agenda of positioning the province as lifestyle destination and attraction beyond the wildlife."