Daycations allows people to escape somewhere close to home. Picture: Pexels.

One of my resolutions this year is to travel more- and daycations allows me to escape somewhere close to home without it costing an arm and a leg.

This past summer holiday I got to learn just how fun daycations can be. I swapped my usual weekend getaway(budget reasons, of course) for day trip options. I have since learned that day trips help travellers to explore more and spend less.

Daycations like any travel trip allow people to discover new places without having to worry about splurging on accommodation. As long as you have a tank full of fuel, a good music selection and some snacks, you are good to go.

So whether you drive to the Midlands in KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo or a small town in the Western Cape, there is always somewhere to go.

Here are some reasons why daycations need to be a trend:

It is close to home: No one wants to be stuck in the car for a long duration of time, especially during the hot summer days. Going on a daycation allows you to travel without having to endure a long distance drive. An acceptable drive would be an hour and a half.

You can plan trips on the weekends: The weekend is usually the time when everyone is at home, which makes it the ideal time for a day trip somewhere. It could be the national park, the beach or an art gallery opening, followed by a picnic or lunch at a popular foodie spot.

It is affordable: 
With the current tough economic climate, staying over at a hotel or BnB is not always an option. Daycations eliminate the need to book accommodation- and there is more cash available for tours and other treats.  

You get to explore South Africa, one town at a time: 
South Africa is home to a range of hidden gems. Travellers can create a list of places and tick it off their bucket list when they visit.

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