Mount Sheba near Pilgrim's Rest offers a comfortable stay and a chance to connect with nature.

Mbombela - The recent revamping of the three-star Mount Sheba, a Forever Lodge near Pilgrim’s Rest, did not remove any of its authentic old-world charm and warmth.

Whether you stay indoors when the fog hugs the outside world or go for a walk in the rain forest, the place offers a warm welcome supported by service levels way beyond the star rating.

This is a place where the “what is your room number” question does not exist because the staff know your number. Where “what did you think of the dessert” is an authentic non-commercial inquiry at every occasion and with every dish.

The Lodge offers 14 King Suites and 10 spacious family rooms each with its own fireplace.

For a truly magical wedding inside a rain forest, there is a suitable and prepared spot.

Whether you visit the ‘Grand Old Lady’ as a couple, family or group, activities have been designed to involve everybody outdoors in nature.

The Mount Sheba Nature Reserve offers wonderful views, fauna and flora and bird-watching and is also home to the endangered Samango monkey. Mount Sheba offers no less than 11 walks.

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