An entire pride of lions took to the road in Kruger National Park for a morning stroll. Pic:

Ram Goyel, an overseas visitor to the Kruger Park, was so mesmerized by his astonishing lion encounter one day on the H6 near Satara that his heart was
literally beating outside his chest. To his greatest delight, the white lion was amongst this magnificent pride…

Turning the corner and seeing a lot of yellow animals in the road, you almost always assume it’s a herd of impala. But the shock and excitement one
feels when one realizes it is a pride of lions walking towards you, is like no other.

Ram told “We were just returning from the N'wanetsi Picnic spot and this beautiful sighting came along and greeted us. It was a quiet
morning and there were no other cars at the time. It was sheer disbelief!! 

In the end, my family and I were jumping out of our skin. We were so lucky and thankful that the lions were walking towards us. I pulled over to the side and just let them come to us. My hand was shaking with exhilaration so the video is not perfectly still I'm afraid.

The sighting ended a few minutes later when a few other cars showed up.