WATCH: Tourist flouts Kruger Park rules, gets car stuck near lion sighting

A lioness sighted at the Kruger National Park. Picture: Unsplash

A lioness sighted at the Kruger National Park. Picture: Unsplash

Published Mar 31, 2023


In the latest episode of “what not to do when visiting a game park" and ”dumb ways to die“, a tourist had to be assisted after his car got stuck near a lion sighting at Kruger National Park (KNP).

The tourist, in a private vehicle, decided to disregard SA National Parks (SANParks) rules and went off-road at the wildlife park.

After veering off the designated road, the unlucky BMW driver got stuck and a ranger and other visitors had to intervene to help the distressed driver get back onto the road and out of harm’s way.

Looks like this BMW driver thought they were on a Fast and Furious movie set instead of in the bush. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Note to all tourists, we’re making light of this, but it could have been very serious. Please please please stick to the roads, follow park rules and let the lions and all the other animals do their thing in peace. We all want that perfect shot, but not at the expense of putting their lives in danger. Remember, they’re the kings and queens of their territory, we are in their environment and need to respect that. Let’s keep them safe, and be responsible not stupid! :)

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According to a video posted by travel content creator,, on TikTok, they assisted the ranger to get the tourist and stuck vehicle out.

“We had to go dig him out, luckily there was a ranger here with a rifle. If those lions had charged and there’s a pretty good chance that they would charge because we are in their territory, he would’ve had to shoot a lion. Thank goodness that didn’t happen,” said LostinAfrica.

According to SANPark’s rules and regulations, visitors must remain in their vehicles unless in a designated area and they are not allowed to to drive “off-road” or on roads with a “no entry” sign.

KNP spokesperson, Ike Phaahla, said that a person who was caught breaking the law gets a fine and, in extreme cases might be banned from the said park.

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