‘More Than Daisies – a hidden history of Namaqualand and the Richtersveld’ by David Fleminger. Picture: David Fleminger
‘More Than Daisies – a hidden history of Namaqualand and the Richtersveld’ by David Fleminger. Picture: David Fleminger

New book explores the hidden, captivating beauty of Namaqualand

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jul 8, 2020

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A new book from author David Fleminger explores the unique landscapes, fascinating culture and captivating biodiversity of what’s been called the richest desert in the world.

"More Than Daisies" takes readers on a little-known historical journey through this remote region, which stretches up the West Coast of South Africa from the Olifants River to the border with Namibia.

Readers are introduced to the NamaKhoi people of the Richtersveld World Heritage Site, traverse rugged mountain deserts in the Richtersveld National Park, visit the copper fields around Springbok, dig for diamonds along the Orange River, drive through the beautiful Namaqua National Park, stop over at the flower "capital" of Nieuwoudtville, and pop in at all the charming dorpies in between.

Filled with historical stories, colourful personalities and natural wonders, ‘More Than Daisies’ offers an unforgettable road trip through a remarkable landscape – promising an armchair travel experience that really transports readers. Also included: a comprehensive Planning Guide and 4 custom maps with lots of info to help readers make their own odyssey to Namaqualand.

Located along the wild west coast of South Africa, Namaqualand is a remote and peculiar part of the world. Hemmed in by Namibia, Bushmanland and the cold, dark waters of the Atlantic, this is technically a desert region but despite the low rainfall, Namaqualand is one of the world’s only arid biodiversity hotspots.

Over and above the botanical riches, Namaqualand also bears testament to the origins and heritage of the NamaKhoi people and their traditional form of nomadic stock farming – a system of "transhumance" that has been practised for over 2000 years. For this reason, the remaining Nama stock farmers still operating in the Richtersveld Community Conservancy have been granted World Heritage Status.

"More Than Daisies" is the second volume in David Fleminger's Hidden History series. 

Visit: www.davidfleminger.co.za for more details.

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