History will be made with Return of The Bushmen walking trail. /Ui-G/aqo and /Ui-Kxunta who will be conducting the walks. Picture: Simon Sephton

For the first time in history, travellers will get the chance to experience a wilderness walk with the country’s most recognised Master Trackers, /Ui-G/aqo and /Ui-Kxunta from the Ju/’hoansi community.

The Ju/’hoansi  from the remote Nyae Nyae Conservancy of Namibia are known as the last group in South Africa still allowed to hunt in the traditional way.

The idea for the walk came about after Clive Thompson, a guide from Discovery Trails, spent some time with the Ju/’hoansi community recently.

He initially wanted to learn more about their tracking skills, however he soon realised that they had a gift that needed to be shared with people who wanted  to reconnect with the wilderness.

The walks, scheduled from the end of June, will be organised by Discovery Trails and the Nanofasa Conservation Foundation in Namibia and hosted by RETURNAfrica in Makuleke and by SANParks in Kruger National Park.

The Makuleke Trail from Luvuvhu River trails camp is scheduled to take place from June 30 to July 5 and will accommodate 4 guests. The Nyalaland Trails from Kruger National Park will offer two trials, the first from July 8 to 11 and the other from July 11 to 14.

If the wilderness walks go well, it could help create a new experience, a stream of income for the community and a new and unique export service for Namibia.

Thompson explained that food security, education, health and dignity were some of the issues faced by the community.

Beside a fun day of tracking, guests will also hear stories from the bushmen and how trackers rustle up a fire – in elephant dung – with their fire sticks.

Those interested in participating in or supporting the trails should email Discovery Trails on [email protected] or visit  www.discovery-trails.org.