'Mzansi Girl' Merushka Govender. Picture: Instagram
Traveling around the world is a goal that many people aspire to do and a goal that a few get to do full-time. Travel bloggers are those who tell us about their experiences at various destinations around the world, getting to explore the vast cultures, cuisine, history and activities that most people would experience as tourists.

The blogger trend is growing at a rapid pace and is spreading across different verticals on the internet. From lifestyle bloggers to fashion and travel bloggers, the blogger trend is one that continues to gain fans and consumers from across the world. Popularly, there are a lot of travel bloggers who reside in Europe like Travel Dudes by Melvin Böcher, Wonderful Wanderings by Sofie Couwenbergh, The Blog Aboard by Gloria Atanmo and Backpack Me by Ashray & Zara.

South Africa is quickly becoming a hot spot for travellers across the continent and the world, but it’s becoming a scorcher of a location for bloggers, and Mzansi Girl just so happens to be one of those bloggers who’s becoming a hot commodity for South African travel bloggers. 

Mzansi Girl (Merushcka Govender) 

Tourism thinker, Africa – loving and experience seeker Merushka Govender is the founder of blog Mzansi Girl, a blog aimed at sharing her experiences around South Africa, exploring the country’s vast culture and hidden treasures that mainstream tourism has not discovered or given much detail on. 

A self-proclaimed ‘Afrophile’, Govender wrote on her blog that she was bitten by the travel bug at a young age when she went travelling around the country with her family, but that it was after her first solo trip to Mozambique that Govender became attached to the idea of travelling. 

With experience in the tourism industry, Govender made use of her skills from working at national NGOs and tourism companies when she created her travel blog, but a big secret is that Govender only created a proper blog in 2012! Prior to 2012 Govender has been making use of her Twitter account to detail her adventures, coining the name ‘Mzansi Girl’ around the time of the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

One of Govender’s biggest interest within her love for blogging and travelling is responsible tourism, social media tourism and marketing tourism - three aspects of tourism that has major impacts on the country’s tourism industry. 

If you would like to share your love for Mzansi with Merushka Govender, then take a look at her social media pages as well as her blog below:
Twitter: @mzansigirl
Instagram: @mzansigirl