WATCH: Lion's close encounter leaves Mzansi on edge

Lion strolling in the sunset. Picture: Unsplash

Lion strolling in the sunset. Picture: Unsplash

Published May 25, 2023


In this TikTok video, the sheer power and presence of an awe-inspiring animal were beautifully captured, garnering thousands of viewers.

The remarkable footage showcases an African safari lion boldly venturing up close and personal to raid a family's camp, while the individuals remained calm in the face of the majestic creature.

In the video clip the majestic lion can be seen casually strolling towards a camp site surrounded by chairs and tables and a bottle of Jameson.

The camera person and the rest stayed as quiet as a mouse, as if their breath had been snatched away by the sight. That’s fair, who in their right mind would want to risk becoming its next meal?


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Thankfully the lion walked away after giving the guest the side-eye. ‘’Amazing and terrifying at the same time!!! Just absorb the feeling of being that close to such a magnificent animal,’’ one user wrote.

‘’The way I held my breath throughout this video and almost died😂😂😂,’’ wrote another. While another said, ‘’Riding lions on safari? Travel companies say 'no' as unusual requests increase.’’ Yeah, honey, this is not the norm, nor is this someone’s yard.

Lions are apex predators and should be respected for their strength and predatory instincts. While attacks on humans are rare, they can occur under specific circumstances, such as when a lion feels threatened or cornered.

According to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) it is estimated that lion attacks result in a few dozen human fatalities annually worldwide.

Additionally ‘’The African wild’’ report states: ‘’The golden rule for surviving a lion encounter is to stand your ground. If ever you were to come face to face with a lion outside of a safari vehicle, the first rule is, “Do not run”. This simple rule saves lives.

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