4 spooky places to visit in South Africa

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 30, 2022


Halloween weekend has arrived and there are quite few places to visit that will shock you out of shoes. If you’re into spooky sites then you might want to visit these places provided by Travel search engine Cheapflights.co.za

Castle of Good Hope: ‘The little house of horrors’

Situated in Cape Town is one of South Africa’s oldest existing colonial buildings, and many consider it a “dark and frightening place”.

What makes this place spooky is the windowless dungeon and a horror-filled torture chamber that saw the tortures and deaths of many. It is noted that a soldier who hung himself in the building tends to visit and rings the bell.

Admission: for a fee.

Nottingham Road Hotel

Situated in the KZN mountains lies the Nottingham Road Hotel. Guests state that they have seen “the ghost of Charlotte” who could have been a barmaid or guest at what used to be a tavern.

She was apparently in love with a soldier who died in the war; leading to her death, when she threw herself over the balcony outside of her room - room 10.

Admission: Accommodation available for booking.

Somerset Hospital

Somerset Hospital, in Cape Town, is another place where spirits seem to dwell. It is noted that nurses who worked in the hospital are quite “live”.

The ghost of Sister Henrietta is said to be seen now and again still trying to help the nurses at the hospital.

To make matters more “scarier” not too far from the hospital lies, the bodies of slaves, criminals, and smallpox victims were buried. The graveyard is open to the public for a haunting stroll through its history.

Admission: No admission fee.

Ou Raadsaal

While you’re in Pretoria, visit the Ou Raadsaal, a historic building that housed the South African Parliament from 1891 to 1902. The spooky part about this place?

You can apparently hear moaning voices and footsteps in prison that’s located underneath the building. It is also believed that the ghost of Paul Kruger and his wife Gezina haunt this building.

Admission: Privately owned, but you can book tours to visit the house.

If you have the courage to explore these places, good luck!